Technology Partners

Build premier products that integrate with the GitHub platform, and we’ll help you get them in the hands of developers around the world.

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A partnership with perks

As a Technology Partner, you’ll get the tools, trainings, and support you need to scale your integrations for enterprise customers.


You’ll be a part of GitHub marketing initiatives and get assets to run your own.

Lead generation

Our teams will work together to grow your business and our users.

Sales ecosystem

Work with the GitHub Sales Team and our partners who sell to development teams.

Sales training

You’ll have the opportunity to share how customers can use your integration with the GitHub Sales Team.

Sponsorship opportunities

You’ll be the first to know when sponsorship opportunities are available to promote your business at our conferences.

Free GitHub Enterprise licenses

Your team will have free licenses for GitHub Enterprise on your servers or in a private cloud.

Free GitHub application certification

You’ll get free GitHub certification for your application.

Partner directory listing

Coming soon

Your business will be listed on GitHub's Partner Directory with a logo, URL, and description of your services for prospective customers to find you.

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What you’ll need

Do you have a tool that integrates with GitHub? In addition to making your integration publicly available, there are a few boxes you’ll need to check before you’re eligible to be a Technology Partner.

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You’ll need at least 5,000 integration users and at least 10 current GitHub Enterprise customers.


Your integration will need to support both GitHub Enterprise and


You’ll need at least one integration testimonial from a GitHub Enterprise customer.

Technical Requirements


Anytime you display GitHub data in your integration, use TLS. Use SSL/TLS if you use any webhooks to receive updated data from GitHub.

Delete old user data

Delete GitHub user data within 60 days upon request.

Use GitHub API best practices

  • Use webhooks, not GitHub API polls, whenever possible.
  • Don’t ask for more GitHub access than needed.
  • Allow users to delete their accounts through your service.
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