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GitHub Universe 2022 Recap + 2 Partner GTM Opportunities


technology partners

So what’s new?

Thank you for joining us at GitHub Partner Connect! We had 100+ partners to hear directly from our CEO, CRO, & VP of Strategy (Product) about our 2023 Vision, Product Roadmap, and how partners play a key part in our vision!

Thank you to our partners that spoke at GitHub Universe: Amazon, Google, HashiCorp, LinkedIn, & Pulumi and to our sponsors Arm, Docker, Sentry, Octopus Deploy, Microsoft, and readme.

“Partner Ship” Speaker Series

Didn’t get a chance to present at Universe? Submit a talk for our new “Partner Ship” Webinar Speaker Series where we’ll be going over the latest partner ships and integrations with the GitHub platform. These speaker series will go on for 3 months with different themes and will be 30 min in length; more details below. Please fill out this form to submit your speaker presentation.

Program Details

Webinar Format

  • 30 minute live demo of your team presenting a recent “Partner Ship” of a GitHub integration including a live demo and what it means for our mutual customers.

Speaker Submissions Due:

  • February - Application Due: 12/16
  • March - Application Due : 1/13
  • April - Application Due: 2/10

Speakers Announced:

  • February - 1/6
  • March - 2/3
  • April - 3/3

Track Schedule

  • February - Action
  • March - Security
  • April - AI

Tech-Sales Pilot Program Submissions

The GitHub Tech-Sales Pilot Program is an opportunity for partners to receive revenue for referrals that lead to GitHub sales. This is a pilot program as we look to scale out the program more broadly, so we are taking submissions from partners on integrated solutions with GitHub that we could prioritize. We plan to take submissions and reach out to partners by January 18, 2023, on the next steps with more details. You can submit your ideas here.


Secret Scanning Partner Updates

New partner agreement coming soon

As GitHub matures its secret scanning program, we want to help our mutual users remediate secrets leaked in their repositories. We are now preparing updates to our process so that we can send you leaked tokens and, in return, retrieve information to help our users. To support this change, we will soon reach out with a new legal agreement addendum for all secret scanning partners to sign. As we continue our improvements, we are also looking to update partner endpoints to accommodate the new metadata checks. If you want to be first in line to get this work done for your organization, please reach out to us at secret-scanning@github.com. with your new endpoint. We would also like to share a sneak peek at what this new experience could look like!

secret scanning (newsletter)

In the first half of FY23, we have onboarded over 20 new patterns for new and prior Technology and Secret Scanning Partners. We published changelogs for the following partners celebrating them as part of our program: Chief Tools, DevCycle, Prefect, ReadMe, UNIwise, Zuplo, Sendinblue

As a reminder, we would love to have all of our Technology Partners also part of our Secret Scanning program. Here is some documentation explaining a high level overview of the technical process. The goal of our program is to secure the internet from any/all leaked tokens in public and private repositories. This blog post will help if you are interested in updating your token patterns to be more specific and secure. Join our free secret scanning program now! Email us at: partnerships@github.com

Get your Actions in the Marketplace verified

If you created a GitHub Action in the GitHub Marketplace, we urge you to get your Actions verified to establish a higher ranking, build trust with our community, and especially because Enterprises can limit Actions created by Verified Creators. To learn more, go to https://partner.github.com/verification

You know where to reach us

As always, feel free to reach out to us for questions at partnerships@github.com or support.github.com

Happy coding!


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