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Amazic is a trusted technical advisor for financial services organizations worldwide. The team offers industry knowledge to meet various regulatory requirements (i.e. PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO27001, SOX) across different development environments (i.e. Dev - Prod, DMZ, PCI).

Amazic operates in an agile manner to meet the industry’s strict regulatory and compliance requirements. The team deploys best-of-breed toolsets such as GitHub Enterprise, Docker , Twistlock, Cloudbees, Sensu and Hashicorp for their customers. This allows for managing compliance zones easier.


With the Amazic prescriptive workflow, we can accommodate teams that want to work in a very collaborative fashion or teams that have a push and forget mentality. The following workflow uses GitHub Enterprise to manage the source code, Vault for secrets management, and Sensu provides active monitoring throughout the development cycle.

There is the change driven process that takes these code changes and runs them through testing. The final outputs are packaged to Kubernetes and pushed into a cloud platform.

By offering a modular workflow, Amazic can spin up completely segregated instances of the same toolset. The result is being able to meet our PCI DSS, GDPR, SOX, ISO27001, and internal compliance across development, production, and other environments (i.e. QA, DMZ,).