Insurance industry


Insurance companies today are faced with a challenging risk: innovate, or miss out on growth opportunities. These advancements include better data analytics, improving the overall customer experience, and introducing new products to the market quickly. To achieve this, insurance companies can start by re-evaluating their software development practices.

GitHub’s prescriptive approach to software development allows organizations to drive more innovative solutions with your practice and accelerate development.


Adopting a modern blueprint comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Does the tool have an API to integrate into?
  • Will the Developer use this tool as part of their practice?
  • Can we implement this blueprint timely, efficiently, and signed off by our audit and compliance team?
  • How do we maintain this type of workflow?


This blueprint outlines the commonly used tools by developer:

  • Rally for Project Management
  • GitHub for Source Code Management and Project Collaboration
  • Puppet for Application Configuration Management
  • CircleCI for Continuous Integration
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Application Deployment


  • Automated Security/Compliance/Auditing by default
  • Creating a high trust environment at every step of the software creation process
  • A common framework repeatable to all internal software developers