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Tangunsoft has been supplying IT solutions for 17 years. They have been through a lot of changes. In the past, Tangunsoft acted mostly as a license distributor. However, Tangunsoft has now transformed to a consulting agency with a variety of engineers and consultants for building IT infrastructure. They help automate many aspects of customer’s DevOps based on years of experience in areas such as data centers, infrastructure, cloud, backup and security. Everyone has different definitions of DevOps. Tangunsoft believes that the most priority of DevOps is bringing useful feedback from the users(customers) to the developers who built each websites, applications and software. By doing so, developers can save a tremendous amount of time responding to customers’ requests by releasing features they really want, in an automated way. After all, customer satisfaction is the key for a successful business. In addition, another problem they detected is that developers spend so much time just for setting their development environment. Tangunsoft wants developers to spend as much time as possible in just ‘coding’.


After numerous meetings with customers, Tangunsoft found that there are many obstacles which interrupt companies to innovate DevOps to their environment. They divided those cases into 7 types.

  • Hierarchy based structure: Many operation teams faced that they couldn’t bring any new methods or DevOps environment because of their old company structure. Major decisions were only coming from the executives, and since those decisions comes from their own experience, the possibility of innovation is very low.
  • Fear of change: Some customers didn’t decide to transform to DevOps environment simply because they didn’t want to risk anything.
  • Urgent tasks: Although most of company members are passion about DevOps environment or Innovation, not many companies have full time or resources to do it.
  • Silos Effect: Each team of organization often rejected to co-work with other divisions. Because of that, internal resource couldn’t share thought the organization, and in worst case, they were even competing with other division.
  • Insensitivity of Security: there were few cases that manager has low sensitivity of security. They believed investing on security is not worth to invest or innovate. Many similar cases were ending up with security breach; caused enormous damages to them.
  • No Maintenance: Companies without maintenance systems are vulnerable to unpredictable incidents. As they spend more time in detecting the problems, resources would be misdirected, and opportunity cost would be raised.
  • No Version Control: a development companies without version control will make developers to put lots of manual and repetitive processes. Those unnecessary work distracts them to spend more time on innovation.


To overcome the different types of challenges, Tangunsoft provides step-by-step customer service to build secure DevOps environment.

  • Analysis & Consulting: Developers and IT managers surveys will be collected to see the customer ‘s current DevOps efficiency level. Tangunsoft will provide case-studies of DevOps transformation to show an overview to the customer.
  • Building DevOps Blueprint: In this stage, customized and suggested best toolchain workflow will be formed with clients’ existing solutions.
  • Implementation: Installation and implementation service will be provided for each solution on the blueprint.
  • Integration: Tangunsoft will create a seamless workflow by supporting Integration service with each implemented solution.
  • Security: To prevent risk prior to any corruption, continuous protection will be formed from risks such as vulnerabilities of Open Source.
  • Optimization: Tangunsoft will provide an optimization service not only including each solution, but also including hardware requirements. Before optimization, checking the quality of each open source is required.
  • Maintenance: By contribute continuous monitoring system, any issues that can arise will resolve or prevent before it caused damage