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Github Channel Partner Value Proposition

Market Opportunity - Over 50 million developers use GitHub today. Week by week, we are adding more and more customers across all segments. These customers choose GitHub to unlock the full potential of their development teams to help transform their organisations in a secure and compliant way. They need help to realize this journey. Few customers today are able to unlock the full potential of a mature DevOps approach, they need support from our partners to guide them realize their full potential.

Partner Growth Insights - Our most successful Services & Channel partners are looking to develop a Services practice centered around GitHub. These partners lead with services engagements, which our partners leverage to allow customers to get the most value out of GitHub. As we think about the future opportunities for partners and GitHub, our partners’ long-term success will be enhanced by building out their services capabilities. We see potential for growth around the Advanced Security space, and migration, innersource, app modernization, and digital transformation related services are some of the top partner offerings today.

GitHub Orientated Offerings For Partners - Build GitHub-orientated offerings and practice to engage customers in clearly defined scenarios.

  • Driving GitHub Deployment and Adoption - GitHub is being increasingly successful with acquiring large customers with large GH footprints. These customers require deep support to help them deploy and drive adoption of the customer base. Triangulating our joint customer lists here may be interesting to explore.
  • Extend GitHub Workloads in Customers:
    • Drive Actions Adoption - migrations from other platforms and providing ongoing support for customers CI/CD journey
    • GitHub Advanced Security - enabling customers to develop code that secure by design - move security to the left and leverage GHAS capabilities
  • Adding GitHub to existing offerings:
    • Application Modernization - address the underlying root causes that created the need for applications to be modernized. If there was an effective SDLC /DevOps approach applications would be managed more effectively through their lifecycle
    • Cloud Native App Development - when supporting customers develop new applications, use GitHub as the catalyst and enabler to accelerate the development cycle, write secure code by design and reduce time to deploy.
    • Digital Transformation - Overall Digital Transformation engagement, help customers become software/technology customers. Requires them to invest in the Development capabilities and unlock the potential of their own developers.
    • Innersourcing - Driving developer productivity, sharing and collaboration, writing a line of code only once, leveraging OpenS Source in secure ways…..
    • **Journey to the Cloud **- Include Infrastructure Migrations (with Infrastructure as Code), moving development to the cloud, deploying applications to the cloud (New/Existing)

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