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GitHub Technology Partner Program: Co-marketing with GitHub

General Guidelines:

Before engaging in any co-marketing, we ask our partners to have (or be in the process of producing) a GitHub integration, such as a verified App or Action in the GitHub Marketplace, or are a part of (or in the process of joining) GitHub’s secret scanning partner program. Partners must be a part of the GitHub Technology Partner program.

GitHub reserves the right to support or not support any technology partner’s co-marketing efforts.

Marketplace Launch Co-Marketing Support:

GitHub provides official Technology Partners these co-marketing benefits, outlined below.

Please send any co-marketing materials over to for Apps or Actions or for secret scanning to get started. It’s ideal for GitHub to have at least two weeks to review partner-owned content, so also provide insight into your ideal date for publication.

Your Blog Announcement: Using our blog template, send a draft of the announcement as a shareable document for GitHub to review, provide feedback, and ensure that our products are being represented properly.

  • The GitHub Marketplace integration URL should be included in the call-to-action
  • Include a walkthrough on how to set up the integration(s).

Social Amplification: Share the Twitter and LinkedIn drafts you’ll be using to promote your new GitHub integration for GitHub to review.

  • The blog announcement and/or GitHub Marketplace integration URL should be included in the call-to-action.
  • Be sure to tag @GitHubEnt or @GitHubSecurity, as appropriate, on Twitter and GitHub on LinkedIn.

GitHub will determine which channel(s) we use to amplify, based on our judgment. Some items may be a better fit for Twitter, some for LinkedIn; some will find a home on both.

Social Card: Send a file with an image or GIF for review, ensuring that they give context to the integration, and align with GitHub’s logos and usage guidelines. Please note that social cards may differ based on partnership, and that usage of a social card is up to GitHub’s discretion.

  • SVG files with transparent background are preferred (for most companies, this is your logo, minus text of the company or product name)
  • For flexibility, we request square and longitudinal aspect ratios, as well as dark- and light-colored logos for contrast against light and dark backgrounds

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