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GitHub Technology Partner Program: Co-marketing with GitHub

General guidelines

Before engaging in co-marketing, we ask our partners to have (or be in the process of producing) a GitHub integration such as a verified Action, Application, or public container image published to GitHub Packages onto the GitHub Marketplace. Partners must also be a part of the GitHub Technology Partner program.


Joint go-to-market efforts may include co-branding support and social amplification for new integrations or user enablement. For advanced partners, we will consider additional tactics, such as partner-led webcasts, highlights within other GitHub-led content or blog, support for partner public product announcements, joint customer stories, or other items specific to each partner. Please work with your business development manager for more information.

Branding assets

Upon completion of a validated integration, partners can request a social card with their logo and an appropriate GitHub property logo based on their particular integration with GitHub (e.g. Actions, Packages, GitHub Application). Your business development manager will connect you with GitHub marketing teams to work with you on appropriate placement.

Tips on sending brand elements:

  • SVG files with transparent background are preferred
  • For flexibility, we request square and longitudinal aspect ratios, as well as dark- and light-colored logos for contrast against light and dark backgrounds
  • Please also send an SVG of your mark (for most companies, this is your logo, minus text of the company or product name)

Alternatively, you can send a URL for your branding guidelines to your GitHub business development manager or other GitHub marketing contact.

Social amplification

We love highlighting the work our partners do with us! We use two main social media channels, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will amplify:

  • announcements in which GitHub integrations are included, such as an Action or GitHub App in GitHub Marketplace, or a public container image within GitHub Packages (CTA in the announcement has to include the GitHub Marketplace URL)
  • walkthrough or how-to content on these integrations when they are on partner-led channels
  • virtual events in which both GitHub and the partner are participating, such as a webinar, or conference breakout session

We reserve the right to choose which channel(s) to use to amplify, based on our judgment of what will be of interest to the audiences on each. Some items may be a better fit for Twitter, some for LinkedIn; some will find a home on both. Posting is also subject to available space in the GitHub editorial calendar.

Partner-owned content + supporting quote from GitHub

Please let us know if you are planning to do any sort of owned content to discuss your GitHub integration, and would benefit from additional support from GiHub. We’ll want to know a few things:

  • Will there be a press release, blog, social content? If so, GitHub public relations and marketing will need to review to ensure GitHub and our products are being represented properly.
  • Are you seeking a supporting quote from GitHub? Please note - we can’t promise every partner a quote, and, if we do, we prefer that it be in support of announcements of new GitHub Actions or integrations that are verified within our Marketplace, or significant updates to existing integrations.
  • Is there any specific timeline you’re working against? It’s ideal for GitHub public relations to have at least a week to review partner-owned content, so insight into the timeline for publication of partner-owned content is imperative.

Partner integration spotlights

On occasion, we may highlight GitHub partner integrations through various customer or user communications channels, highlighting new integrations or partnerships. In these instances, we will proactively reach out to you to ask for 100-word summaries from our partners to include. These summaries should include an introduction to the technology partner and the product that is integrating with GitHub, along with a short description of the specific integration itself. GitHub public relations and marketing will need to review and approve the description for accuracy and messaging.

Potential partner integration spotlight channels include enterprise newsletters, round-up blog posts on partner integrations, or demos through our other online video channels such as Twitch.

For all other questions regarding co-marketing, please reach out through the partner portal, or to your assigned business development manager.

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