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GitHub Partner Program Newsletter -- Apr 2022


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So what’s new?

[GitHub Beta Feature Opportunity]: API Versioning Private Beta The current version of GitHub’s REST API is v3 and has been for over 10 years. Moving forward, we want to introduce a new versioning approach to the REST API that uses the YYYY-MM-DD API version-naming scheme and which indicates the date the API version was released. We’re looking to collect feedback until the end of May 2022. By providing your opinion, you will be able to help influence the direction of API versioning at its earliest stages.

Email us at partnerships@github.com with the subject line “API Versioning Beta: [Your Company Name]” if you would like to provide feedback on API versioning

New GitHub Issue closed reasons Last year we introduced updates to our issue icons and colors along with the commitment to address your feedback on showing the reason why an issue had been closed. Today we are starting to roll out a preview of issue closed reasons to a small group of users. Your repository should have been feature flagged in, let us know if you have any questions!


GHES Storage Partners Partners in the GitHub Technology Partnership Program have the opportunity to self-validate their storage solutions with GHES. More information on the how to get listed and details here, or email us at partnerships@github.com


Co-market with GitHub! If you created a brand new GitHub Action or App and post it in the GitHub marketplace, we’d be happy to assist with amplifying your announcement. More info on our co-marketing guidelines here

Secure your API tokens by joining the GitHub secret scanning program We’re continuing to expand our secret scanning program. If your service issues API keys or other secrets end up committed in code, we can help you detect them if/when they’re ever leaked on GitHub. For example, via the secret scanning program we notify AWS when their credentials are found in public repos, allowing them to automatically protect their users. [Find out more about secret scanning]

If you need to update your Marketplace logo We’ve been getting some questions around how to update your Marketplace action or app logo. Please look at our guide with the necessary logo requirements. Co-marketing guide.

Verified apps on the Marketplace are being updated to ‘verified creator’ Learn about the badges that you may see for some apps and actions listings on GitHub Marketplace, and how you can get yours! [Marketplace badges]

Partner-owned documentation to docs.github.com A paved path now exists for our partners to contribute and maintain documentation on docs.github.com. This provides an opportunity for our partners to describe how their tools work with GitHub. [Open an issue using the appropriate template]

Integrating with code scanning A new pattern guide on how to integrate with code scanning is now available on our Partner Resources tab, applicable to all partners with a SAST offering. If your team has a static analysis tool, we built a new pattern guide on how to integrate with code scanning. It shows you how you can surface security vulnerabilities directly in the GitHub UI before developers deploy to production. [Our new guide]

Join our Technology Partner Program Get access to GitHub Enterprise Server developer licenses, a plethora of integration resources and guides, invites to private partner events, discounts on Event Sponsorships (GitHub Universe is coming up!), comarketing opportunities, and more. Our program has no cost. [Apply today]

You know where to reach us

As always, feel free to reach out to us for questions at partnerships@github.com or support.github.com

Happy coding!


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